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Employment Platform

Breaking the cycle of incarceration through technology and living wage jobs



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There's Power in Your Story

“The Way Out” believes in the power of utilizing difficult past experiences to create an even better future. This is why we strive to help Ex-Felons (or as we choose to call them Justice Involved Job Seekers) embrace their past and help them overcome the stigma often associated with a criminal conviction.

"I can't does not exist, it is an excuse we tell ourselves to not reach our true potential"

-Co-founder, Ruben Gaona-

What We Offer Employers

The Way Out is a comprehensive anti-bias job platform, that aligns employers with qualified Justice Involved Job Seekers (JIJS). The Way Out also provides the JIJS with additional services and technologies to help them integrate into their new roles successfully. The Way Out accomplishes this through a robust anti-bias employment platform and self-learning mobile app.

While other 2nd Chance employment platforms only focus on bringing employers and employees together, The Way Out additionally focuses on development and retention (through ongoing training and support).  

1. First off, our platform creates a blind, contextual profile of the JIJS, that initially removes name, address, history of incarceration and any other information that may cause immediate biases in a potential employer; while positively considering personality traits, personal accomplishments and additional trainings and certifications.

2. Next, JIJS are screened for additional support needs, aligned with reentry service providers to help address their training and support needs, and then matched with a job.

3. Lastly, all progress is tracked and managed via the self-learning mobile app. and dashboard.

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